As an experienced Land Brokerage & Advisory agent, I serve commercial land clients with strategic transactions to buy or sell land assets.

For families and businesses holding land with commercial potential for sale, I develop opinions of value and identify likely buyers, leading to transactions. Many times these are discreet, off-market transactions.

For families and businesses seeking acquisition prospects, I provide confidential project development site selection for commercially suitable land. Services include creation of an optimum development strategy, research of potential development partners and parcels, consulting services for land use issues and entitlement, and transaction marketing and sales.

I appreciate your referral to any family or company seeking highest use value for their property, any company or investment trust needing project development site selection and acquisition, or landowners needing assistance in entitlements for annexation, rezoning, or site planning leading to a sale.

My additional area of service is business development consulting to businesses, non profits, community groups, and incorporated townships in the region who experience an issue of limited capacity that lead to growth and development challenges.

I provide micro-consulting in strategic planning, business development and fundraising, event organization and promotion, and economic development, to expand the capacity of an organization to become more sustainable and to achieve its objectives.

Please consider referring me to address challenges of business and community growth and development within the Northern Virginia Piedmont, working to strengthen our communities.

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