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Jim Herbert

Jim has spent more than 40 years in commercial economic development, internationally and domestically.

As an event specialist in the ’80s he was detailed to Presidential Advance for Ronald Reagan. This led to trade show and trade fair organizing, to forge US partnerships abroad and accelerate technology and capital transfer to stimulate infrastructure development globally. Jim undertook business development, joint ventures, strategic acquisitions, and portfolio divestiture in numerous international markets around the world.

Jim served as Loudoun County VA Department of Economic Development Commercial Business Officer, and then as a commercial development specialist in Northern Virginia, as a founding Principal for Alliance Commercial Real Estate.

Volunteering, Jim stays involved in local economic and community development on boards and committees for his home Town of Middleburg, his church, his alma mater, and local non profit organizations.

David marshall

For most of the past 30 years, Dave has been engaged by primary ownership of legacy businesses. He takes these relationships quite personally because he recognizes working with a legacy business is far more than financial statements and operational blocking and tackling. It’s about generational responsibilities and everything that comes with working alongside people you love.

Dave has been part of the solution for succession planning, liquidity planning, recapitalizations, peer mergers and acquisitions, private equity engagements and initial public offerings. Through all of it, Dave never loses sight of fact that each of his client companies began with someone’s dream.

Dave has and continues to sit on boards of charitable organizations and advises others on capital raises. Along with his wife Ashley, Dave lives in Middleburg with the youngest of their six children and a Great Dane named Baylee.

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